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A new tool in the architect’s toolbox

130826_Topology optimization

In the article from, Jens Fynbo argues that an IT-program can create an optimized process by handling topology optimization.

The idea comes from the engineering world, where an IT-program working with Finite Element Method (FEM) can be used to optimize a construction. FEM is overall having a structure, which is divided into infinite numbers of small elements. Every small element is described by an equation. Solving the different equations creates knowledge about the response of the structure by the specific force. The result is for instance where the material has to be situated to optimize the structure and the material use.

The idea is to use this way of thinking and add qualitative values to the FEM calculation and hereby optimize the architectural process.

The article does not give an answer on how to do it, but starts playing with the thought.

My comment:

The idea is fun and I will like to play with it.

Write now, I find it difficult to develop the qualitative values into quantitative parts that will give the possibility to make architecture be a part of the FEM IT-program, but maybe it is possible. Wright now CUNECO in Denmark is working on adding values to different rooms Maybe this is one way of developing qualitative values into quantitative values.