Situated at Working at Offices

130828_Dog lifeAn article from got my attention by the title “What Dogs Can Teach Us About Working More Effectively”.

The couple, Ellen and Patrick Galvin, has the firm Galvanizing Group, where they have learned how to work smarter by bringing their dog into the office every day.

1. Keep your eyes on the ball

Eliminate distractions such as e-mail and social media

Break work down into manageable chunks

2. Play should be a part of every day

Take a break = be recharged and with a clear mind

3. Show appreciation

Tell your colleagues if they have done something good – it extends the feeling to the clients

A handwritten thank-you card to clients = stand out from the crowd

4. Live in the present

Focus on the present – we attend to forget this and instead think of what could have happened and what might happen

Make daily tasks – what needs to be accomplished and prioritized

My comments:

I really like the idea of these 4 bullet points.

I think they are worth working with and I will try them during the next period.

  1. Open my e-mail 3 times a day: Arriving at the office, after lunch and one hour before closing-time
  2. 10 push-ups every hour
  3. Tell my colleagues that they are doing a good job every day
  4. Think of this a lot and then every Friday sum up on where to go to in the future