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130903_Lean - combining two worlds

According to an article at the Danish professor Jan Stentoft Arlbjørn, working at University of Southern Denmark, think the word lean is used in the wrong context when applying the word to every day happenings and to every little change in different companies.

He says that the problem is, that people does not understand the background philosophy, but use bits and pieces of the philosophy which does not make it the lean-process, but lean-tools.

What I find important is the gap that he mentions between a lean process and a creative process.

Lean process is effectiveness of a standardized product

Creative process is new products

This statement is interesting for my Ph.d. project because overall I am trying to combine two worlds that not many people think can be combined – a creative process and an effective process.

I am ready to prove them wrong. I understand, that the philosophy of the two worlds has to be changed so they can emerge, but if I keep the best of two worlds, I think my mission is complete. It is possible with kids, and then it must be possible with a process as well! I believe!